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7 Common Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatments & A Few Care Tips

7 Common Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatments & A Few Care Tips

Every man encounters a problem in getting an erection at some stage in his life. The impotence can be temporary or permanent, and it could be because of a variety of reasons like fatigue, stress, injuries, drinking excessive alcohol, smoking, inactive lifestyle, medical conditions, medications, etc (more about causes can be found here).

Erectile dysfunction can break relationships and therefore it is important that a patient must seek ED treatment at the earliest. The thing to know is that ED can be treated, and here are the treatment options:

ED Treatment

  1. The treatment starts with the patient consulting a doctor (and discussing everything in a transparent manner). The doctor then conducts tests to determine the cause of ED, which could be physical, psychological, medical or lifestyle-related. Treatment is prescribed based on the cause.
  2. If the ED is connected to an unhealthy lifestyle, the doctor will prescribe giving up on smoking, drinking and drug abuse. He will ask the patient to shed weight and lead a simple and healthy lifestyle, which is free of stress. He will also recommend daily exercise (which the patient must do even if ED is caused by other factors). Working out regularly increases the metabolic rate and an enhanced metabolism can burn up fats faster. It also unclogs the arteries, thereby allowing increasing the flow of blood to the organs, including the penis – leading to stronger and long lasting erections. The doctor also will recommend that the patient consult a psychologist if the ED is caused by depression. He will ask the patient to get his 8 hours of sleep daily.
  3. Some ED cases can be cured by a mix of resources – penis enhancement pills, patches, vacuum pumps, subtle lifestyle changes, changes in medications, etc., can be recommended by doctors. Most ED patients are prescribed nutritional supplements (zinc), herbal remedies (bioflavanoids, antioxidants) and acupuncture. Penis vacuum devices are especially known to help cure ED. The herbal ingredients in penis enhancement pills work by increasing blood flow to the organs and enhancing testosterone production. These treatments are recommended in most ED cases. The patient can also take Viagra or Stendra or similar pills and then get on a long-term treatment plan (pe exercises, fitness, lifestyle changes, treatment of medical conditions, etc.).
  4. ED can also be treated with medication like Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, Stendra and Staxyn. Other treatments such as gene therapy, penis creams, dopamine-enhancers, and melanocortin activators are under development. Yohimbe Bark Supplement, which is regulated by the FDA, too can be recommended, but it has many nasty side-effects and therefore it is better to stick with other penis enhancement pills, which contain potent and safe herbs like horny goat weed extract.
  5. Doctors also may prescribe hormonal therapy. Low testosterone can be replaced by injecting new testosterone (1 injection every 2 weeks). Testosterone enhances sexual desire and low levels can take a man’s mind off sex. Some men stay away from sex because of a noncancerous tumor in their pituitary gland. Such men can be injected with bromocriptine and cabergoline.
  6. The patient may be asked to see a sex therapist if his medical tests are normal and he yet has ED. Therapists teach men how to cope with sexual performance and how to communicate better during the act.
  7. Surgery can be recommended as ED treatment if everything else fails. In surgery, a pair of flexible rods is implanted in the erection chamber. These cause a permanent erection and sex can be indulged at any time. The surgeon can also recommend Vascular Reconstructive Surgery – but this surgery is very complex and therefore very rarely performed.

ED Care

When a man experiences impotence, he must truthfully discuss his problem with his partner and seek her help. He can discuss his medical options with her and the couple can then decide which option works best for them.

Women too must educate themselves about ED treatment and then play a supportive role as their partner works hard to regain his sexual health.


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