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Are Penis Extenders Better Than Surgery? My In Depth Analysis

Are Penis Extenders Better Than Surgery? My In Depth Analysis

Every man desires a bigger penis. A longer and thicker penis boosts manhood and ego, and most men wish they could increase their penis size and thickness by 2-4 inches (at least). Many men consider surgery to enhance their manhood, and that could be a costly mistake.

According to an authoritative study reported on Science Daily, surgeons must urge patients requesting for penis lengthening surgery to first try out other non-invasive means, in particular, penis extenders.

The article goes on to state that an Italian review published in BJUI, a urology journal, has confirmed that penile extenders are successful in enhancing penis length and girth, and also contribute to psychological satisfaction.

According to this scientific study, penis surgery is risky because it can cause complications. Even the medical profession is divided on the issue. Now here are some differentiating factors that will help you understand why penis extenders are better:


Penis extenders can be worn at home and also to work (so long you wear baggy pants). They work on the basis of traction and are worn around the penile area.

They stretch the penile tissue, and over time, Mother Nature understands that the penis needs to grow to accommodate the stretched tissue. This event leads to an increase in penis size – naturally.

Penis extenders are non-invasive and are endorsed by urologists and sex therapists around the world.

Penis surgery is a complicated and invasive procedure that involves cutting the tendons holding the penis. This makes the penis drop down by a couple of inches, and this represents the length gained during surgery.

In case you did not know, the penis is shaped like a boomerang, and half of the penis is inside the body. The surgery merely shifts a part of the penis from inside to outside. Many surgeons do not recommend the surgery.


So long you follow instructions, penis extenders are safe. However, you must buy the best extenders in the market and stay away from the middling and the low-end stuff.

Penis enlargement surgery is extremely risky. Even a miniscule mistake can harm the penis for life. Your penis can even lose its functionality after the procedure. Other damages include, but are not limited to: wounded penile shaft, reshaping/deformity of the penis, blood circulation loss in the penile area.


Penis extenders apply consistent pressure on the penis and result in tissue division. Nature then starts its work and understands that the stretched issue must grow. You would have seen pictures of African men and women who extend their necks by wearing multiple rings around it – penis extenders work in the same manner.

They keep applying pressure until the body part grows longer (and thicker). If you follow instructions, you can gain anywhere between 1 and 3 inches in length and up to 30% in thickness. These figures are not proven in labs, but in real life.

Penis enlargement surgery is an “iffy” surgery and it is very risky. There are high chances of it going wrong and even the medical community is divided over its success rate.

Even after a successful surgery all that can be achieved is a shift in penis (from inside the body to outside). The gains are not more than 2 inches, and are artificial.


You can get the best penis extender for real cheap – maybe for no more than a couple of 100 bucks. The best brands are available online and you don’t have to buy one from a sex store. Just order online and get it delivered at home. 100% anonymity assured!

Penis enlargement surgery costs at least a couple of thousand dollars. You also must choose a very experienced and reputed surgeon – and finding one is not an easy task.

You have to spend a few days at the hospital and you just cannot afford to miss out on work in this tough economic environment – and that too for penis enlargement!

You can wear penis extenders to work and be productive while the extender increases your penis’s length and girth without any side effects!


These are the reasons why penis extenders are better than penis enlargement surgery. Why would you want to risk your man hood and your love life, and a few thousand bucks, when a penis extender can get you guaranteed results in a natural way without any side effects and at a fraction of the cost?

Just buy an extender and get on with your job and love life.


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