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I'm an editor at popular male enhancement blog. Writing is my passion an I enjoy my passion everyday! If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment or just shot me an email.

How Do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?


The Internet is full of information that extols the virtues of penis enlargement exercises. Most blogs and review sites scream out loud that these exercises actually increase penis length and girth leading on to higher confidence levels and pleasurable and satisfying sexual encounters. But is this information true? Do these enhancement exercises actually work? Let’s find out. The Top Penis Exercises There are three main penis exercises that are recommended by healthcare professionals. These are: Please check this article for more details how to perform exercises listed above : “Top 3 Male Enhancement Exercises That You Should Do“ How Do Penis Exercises Work? Jelqing and Manual Stretches work by applying pressure on the penis and stretching its skin. Over a period of time, the penis tissue, blood vessels and the pores gets stretched. More blood rushes into the penis area and the body realizes that the penis tissue has gotten stretched and is in need of help. The body responds by fixing the stretched tissue without altering its new, increased size. You would have seen this phenomenon in National Geographic – of course, that channel will not air programs about penis stretching but it does air programs on how African tribal women wear tight rings around their neck which elongates their necks if the rings are worn over a period of time. The same principle works for the penis enlargement exercises. Kegels strengthen the bladder and develop the muscles below the bladder area. This leads to a firm lower abdominal ... Read More »

FAQ About Male Enhancement Pills


What are male enhancement pills all about? Enhancement pills contain powerful ingredients (herbs, roots, barks, minerals, etc.) that work by enhancing the flow of blood to the organs, including the penis, and by enhancing testosterone production, increasing semen production and improving the central nervous system health. These benefits, in turn, lead to stronger and long lasting erections. What are the ingredients contained in these pills? Here’s a rough list of the main ingredients. Note that manufacturers use different permutations and combinations of these ingredients: Note that all the ingredients used by the top manufacturers are natural. Do all enhancement pills work equally well? No. The market is full of many pills that end up enlarging the user’s hopes, and nothing else. This is one reason why enlargement pills have got such a bad name. However, there are a handful of quality products in the market that are clinically proven. The top three pills that can get you the desired results are VigRX Plus (see review), Prosolution Pills (see review) and Vimax Pills (see review), in that order. I am 16 years of age. Can I take these pills? No way! These pills are meant for adults. You will have to wait till you’re 18. What are the advantages of male enhancement pills? What does penis enhancement mean? It can mean two things: The reasons why these benefits occur are given above. However, note that you must take these pills consistently if you want guaranteed results. Also note that you will be ... Read More »

Top 3 Male Enhancement Exercises That You Should Do


Male enhancement exercises enhance penis length and girth and strengthen the sexual system. There are many penis workouts out there, but not all of them work. Based on intensive research and customer feedback, we have discovered that three exercises – Jelqing, Kegels and Manual Stretches – that are successful in enhancing penis size and sexual performance. Factors Used To Review Exercises The benchmarks used to review various exercises were: Based on these factors, we recommend the following exercises: Jelqing Jelqing is also referred to as milking. It helps release more blood to the penis by applying consistent pressure on the penis. When the penis receives an extra flow of blood it leads to harder erections that last for a long time. When consistent pressure is applied on the penis, its tissue expands and over time the stretched issue is accommodated by the body. Don’t worry about the stretched tissue – it gets repaired within 24 hours. Anyway, this process leads to a longer and thicker penis. So, Jelqing works in two ways – enhancing sexual stamina and penis size. Here’s how a basic Jelqing is performed: Before starting the exercise you must apply a warm wrap on your penis to relax the tissues and nerves. Now get an erection by whatever means. Remember to hold on to the erection while you are Jelqing because if you let go of it midway, then the pressure applied will vary and you may end up with an uneven penis shape. Shape your hand ... Read More »

How Do Semen Enhancement Pills Work

semen enhancement

Semen is a very important and the most neglected component in a sexual encounter. It signifies the male orgasm and the end of pleasure (well, for the time being). However, one thing males do not know is that women love it when their men ejaculate more semen. Women look upon such men as virile and macho. This is the reason why semen enhancement pills are consumed by men. How Do Semen Enhancing Pills Work? There are three ways in which these pills work: These benefits help by prolonging the orgasm, ejaculating all the semen forcefully, and making it explosively pleasurable to both the parties. The Powerful Ingredients Contained In Semen Pills Here’s a list of ingredients that help the body produce extra semen and ejaculate out every bit of it, including the last drop: Different semen pills can have different ingredients, but all the ingredients come together to perform the actions described above. Conclusion Well, unlike semen enhancement pills this article has come to a conclusion (orgasm) too soon. In any case, what you have read above should help you understand what is inside semen pills and how they work. Read More »

The Extenze Review: Does Extenze Suck?


Extenze is yet another top male enhancement pill. Well, at least that’s the perception held by most folks. I don’t know what to say here. For me, the ingredients are the key to judging an enhancement product and Extenze contains Yohimbe, which I detest. Therefore, you will find my Extenze review biased. Yohimbine is an alkaloid with impotence-bashing effects that is extracted from the Yohimbine back. There’s a problem with Yohombine – its potency varies depends on its cultivation and on the part of tree it comes from and therefore no one can control its dosage. Sometimes a small amount of extract will have thrice the potency than that of a larger volume of extract. This is why the FDA has cracked down on Yohimbine and today, the prescription form of Yohimbine is regulated by the agency. The FDA has approved Yohimbine only for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction. On one hand, a high dose of Yohimbine brings down the blood pressure and that can cause dizziness and nausea; On the other hand, it can increase blood pressure and heart rate. So, Yohimbine is one unpredictable ingredient that can be dangerous. If you ask me, there is no way of knowing how Extenze works because the amount of ingredients contained in the pill have not been specified. So, based on guesstimates, Extenze works by dilating the blood vessels, enhancing the libido, fighting impotence, and promoting general health. Ingredients Extenze contains the following powerful ingredients: There are other helpful ingredients inside ... Read More »

Are You At Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction?


Sexual arousal is triggered by a combination of many diverse factors and organs, including the brain, hormones, emotional response, muscles, blood vessels, and more. These factors must interact with each other in order to trigger an erection. Many physical and psychological factors, and medical conditions, can interfere and cause erectile dysfunction. Characteristics Of Erectile Dysfunction If you notice any of these, you must consult a doctor. Now, here are the risk factors you must pay attention to. Physical Risk Factors Cardiovascular disease High levels of cholesterol High blood pressure Overweight condition/obesity Weak metabolism Diabetes Low testosterone levels Penis injury (interior/exterior) Medications (for prostate, blood pressure, antidepressants, etc.) Medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis Smoking, drinking alcohol regularly, substance abuse Spinal cord injuries Age – age is a huge factor. As you age, erections take time to develop and are not strong. Older men may also not be able to maintain an erection. Cycling for prolonged periods. Cycling pressurizes the nerves and restricts the flow of blood to the penis. However, it can cause only temporary erectile dysfunction. If you are impacted by any of the physical factors above, and if you feel that these factors are playing havoc with your sex life, then you must see a doctor. Psychological Risk factors The penis is controlled by the central nervous system and therefore the brain plays a big part in triggering erections. All of your sexual tension and excitement is triggered by the bran and these factors lead to an ... Read More »

Vimax Pills Review – Ingredients, Advantages And Disadvantages Exposed

Vimax Box

Vimax is one of the golden oldies of the male enhancement pills industry. It has been around for many years now and has stood the test of time. Bit does it work or is it around because of marketing hype or branding? Let’s find out with our Vimax review. A Few Images Of Vimax Pills Vimax works by enhancing the blood flow into the penis and strengthening the Tunica albuginea, a spongy tissue in the penis. A strong Tunical albuginea helps retain the blood in the penis for a longer time. These twin factors lead to harder and long-lasting erections. Now, as you continue to get such erections over a period of time, your penis tissues get stretched. Over time, Mother Nature latches on to these stretched tissues and figures that your penis needs more area to accommodate the tissues. So, over a period of time, your penis size goes up too. However, note that you can see the enhanced size only when your penis is in erect mode. Don’t expect a huge flaccid penis that can spread shock and awe through the locker room. Why does Vimax work like this? What’s the secret behind it? Vimax: The Principal Ingredients Vimax contains the right mix of very powerful, all natural ingredients, which make it what it is. Here’s a list: These are Vimax’s principal ingredients that make the pill so special. Advantages Of Vimax Disadvantages Of Vimax Conclusion Vimax is one of the top enhancement pills in the market, and ... Read More »

11 Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

sex drive

Is your sex drive dropping? Well, most men and women feel, at some point of their lives, that their sex life isn’t what it used to be. There can be a number of factors impacting your sex drive – age, medical conditions, and other physiological and psychological conditions. The good news is that you may be able to get back to your normal ways by following these tips: 1. Love Foods/Aphrodisiacs Eat food that contains lots of zinc and antioxidants – for example: oysters contain amino acids that enhance sex drive. Zinc-containing foods enhance fertility in women and sexual stamina in men. Lean meat contains proteins that increase dopamine production, which in turn increases sexual satisfaction levels. Eating oats for breakfast can balance out both estrogen and testosterone levels. You can also consume natural aphrodisiacs such as ginseng and gingko. These aphrodisiacs act as vasodilators and, over a period of time, end up enhancing sexual desire. 2. Lead a healthy lifestyle Smoking constricts the blood vessels and that reduces sexual desire. Drinking alcohol without moderation makes you put on visceral fat, which damages organs and as you know any health problem reduces your sexual drive. You must include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut out junk food from your life. Junk food clogs the arteries and reduces the flow of blood to the organs. Get plenty of sun too – studies have proved that Vitamin D can enhance male testosterone by around 70%, thereby increasing his sex drive. ... Read More »

The Hard Prosolution Pills Review – What This Product Has To Offer?


Prosolution is one of the best male enhancement pills out there in the market and there’re good reasons for it to be ranked so high. Unboxing Images Here are a few images: Unboxing Video (Hi-Res 1080p) What strikes me are the unique ways in which Prosolution’s ingredients work. On the one hand, Prosolution Pills’ natural ingredients increase the flow of blood to the penis leading to long-lasting and rock-solid erections, and on the other hand, Prosolution helps increase semen volume and libido. This is because zinc, which is one of the main ingredients of Prosolution, enhances semen volume and strengthens the central nervous system (which controls the penis). Many surveys have established that women love it when their partner ejaculates more sperm at a stronger rate. Prosolution also strengthens the penile system and ensures that the penis stays erect for a longer period of time. Moreover, as the penis’s tissue get exercised over a period of time, the size of the erect penis increases. However, you can see the increased size only after a few months of regular Prosolution intake. So, what are the ingredients that trigger such raw sexual power? Here’s a list: The Main Ingredients These are the key ingredients inside every Prosolution pill. Advantages Disadvantages of Prosolution Pills To Sum Up In my view, Prosolution Pills are the # 2 in the market and they closely trail behind Vigrx Plus. The product is clinically proven and it has been in the market for many years now. I’d recommend ... Read More »

10 Things Every Man Should Know About His Penis


Every man owes his manhood to his penis. He understands that the penis is at the core of his sexuality, but he knows dang about his own penis. Here are some facts that will help you understand the ins and outs of your penis: # 1: You Need Regular Erections Regular erections are like workouts for the penis. The penis needs these erections to stay in shape. An erection results in fresh blood flows to the penis and this flow of blood enriches the penis with oxygen. So, if you want your penis in shape, get your daily dose of erections. Even if you are not aroused in the day, don’t worry because the brain will maintain your penis by triggering erections in the middle of the night. # 2: Flaccid-to-Erect Proportion There is no relationship between the flaccid size and the erect size. A flaccid penis can grow anywhere between 0.25 inch and 3.5 inches after it goes into erect mode. Though there’s no medical significance attached to this phenomena, and most men get an inferiority complex when they view a long, flaccid penis in a locker room. But they do not realize that this biggie may grow by no more than a quarter of an inch when it is erect! A study conducted by researcher Alfred Kinsey proves that shorter penises grow by 2x the size that is put on by longer flaccid penises. By the way, the average flaccid penis measures about 3.5 inches. # 3: The ... Read More »

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