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How Low Testosterone Can Affect Your Sex Drive


Testosterone remains one of the most important hormones the male body produces. There are quite a number of metabolic factors that derive from testosterone. Lean muscle mass development and fat burning would be the two most common traits associated with proper levels of testosterone production. There are, however, many other benefits that can be gained from proper levels of testosterone. Among those benefits would be an enhanced sex drive. Unfortunately, as a man ages, testosterone levels will lower. As a result, so will sex drive. Testosterone: What It Is And How It Affects Sex Drive Testosterone, once again, is a hormone produced by the male body. This is an androgen based hormone and it secrets from the testicles. Various bodily functions are gained from proper levels of testosterone. There are many sexual functions that are tied to the production of testosterone. Sexual performance and enjoyment are tied to hormone levels. The libido (sex drive) is very reliant on testosterone levels. For years, scientists and therapists looked for many solutions for a low level of sex drive. Through years of research, it has been noted that a lower level of testosterone would be the primary culprit. While age does play a large role in the reduction of testosterone levels, it is not the only reason. Other mitigating factors can contribute to lowering testosterone. Other Factors That Can Tie Into Lower Testosterone Without Sex Drive There are quite a number of other reasons why testosterone levels could end up decreasing. Poor nutrition ... Read More »

Does Penis Size Matter?

Every man competes with another. He thinks that he is better than anyone else and that is man’s basic psychology. Naturally, this psychology also comes into play when it comes to penis size. Locker rooms, steam baths, and other such zones become virtual war zones when snide comparisons are made and jokes are cracked. The big question is whether penis size really matters. And, the answer cannot come from men. Women are the best judges here. So, let’s focus on how penis size matters to women. A Scientific Treatise On How Women View Penis Size An authoritative paper, Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, concludes that women find a bigger penis size irresistibly attractive in men who: Women would be more willing to mate with such men than others. However, this paper does not state that women find a bigger penis unattractive in other types of men. So, it can be safely concluded that women love a bigger penis, but find it more attractive in tall men and in men with a greater shoulder-to-hip ratio. You can read this paper here Something For Men Who Are Paranoid About Their Penis Size The penis size is God given, just like the size of women’s breasts. According to medical researchers, an abnormally small penis is one that is less than 3 inches when it is in erect mode. That said, no man is satisfied with his penis size and wants ... Read More »

10 Things Every Man Should Know About His Penis


Every man owes his manhood to his penis. He understands that the penis is at the core of his sexuality, but he knows dang about his own penis. Here are some facts that will help you understand the ins and outs of your penis: # 1: You Need Regular Erections Regular erections are like workouts for the penis. The penis needs these erections to stay in shape. An erection results in fresh blood flows to the penis and this flow of blood enriches the penis with oxygen. So, if you want your penis in shape, get your daily dose of erections. Even if you are not aroused in the day, don’t worry because the brain will maintain your penis by triggering erections in the middle of the night. # 2: Flaccid-to-Erect Proportion There is no relationship between the flaccid size and the erect size. A flaccid penis can grow anywhere between 0.25 inch and 3.5 inches after it goes into erect mode. Though there’s no medical significance attached to this phenomena, and most men get an inferiority complex when they view a long, flaccid penis in a locker room. But they do not realize that this biggie may grow by no more than a quarter of an inch when it is erect! A study conducted by researcher Alfred Kinsey proves that shorter penises grow by 2x the size that is put on by longer flaccid penises. By the way, the average flaccid penis measures about 3.5 inches. # 3: The ... Read More »

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