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8 Tips On How Men Should Maintain Their Sexual Health


A man’s sex drive changes gears depending on his age. It goes from zero to overdrive and then back to zero again. If the man is not careful, the descent can be pretty rapid and it can ruin his love life and leave him feeling miserable about the one thing he cherishes the most – his manhood. Here are some tips that should help men maintain, or even rev up, their sexual health: Maintaining Testosterone Levels Testosterone is a hormone that increases sexual desire and as men age, its production decreases. One way to maintain testosterone levels is to exercise regularly and build muscle mass. When muscles build up, it forces the body to increase testosterone production. This helps you stay sexually active for a long time. You also must eat well-rounded meals (proteins and carbs) to maintain testosterone levels. If you cannot maintain this important hormone’s levels, you should consider taking testosterone shots. Maintaining Weight An overweight condition reduces testosterone production, and therefore sexual desire. Extra weight makes you feel fatigued all the time and takes your mind off sex. You become inactive and become too lazy to indulge in a sexual encounter. Plus, all men like to look at their own chiseled bodies, and when they see something flabby in the mirror, it puts them off. Therefore, all doctors recommend you shed weight if you want to be sexually active. Medical Checks There are many factors that can adversely impact sexual desire. For example: medications for blood pressure, ... Read More »

11 Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

sex drive

Is your sex drive dropping? Well, most men and women feel, at some point of their lives, that their sex life isn’t what it used to be. There can be a number of factors impacting your sex drive – age, medical conditions, and other physiological and psychological conditions. The good news is that you may be able to get back to your normal ways by following these tips: 1. Love Foods/Aphrodisiacs Eat food that contains lots of zinc and antioxidants – for example: oysters contain amino acids that enhance sex drive. Zinc-containing foods enhance fertility in women and sexual stamina in men. Lean meat contains proteins that increase dopamine production, which in turn increases sexual satisfaction levels. Eating oats for breakfast can balance out both estrogen and testosterone levels. You can also consume natural aphrodisiacs such as ginseng and gingko. These aphrodisiacs act as vasodilators and, over a period of time, end up enhancing sexual desire. 2. Lead a healthy lifestyle Smoking constricts the blood vessels and that reduces sexual desire. Drinking alcohol without moderation makes you put on visceral fat, which damages organs and as you know any health problem reduces your sexual drive. You must include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut out junk food from your life. Junk food clogs the arteries and reduces the flow of blood to the organs. Get plenty of sun too – studies have proved that Vitamin D can enhance male testosterone by around 70%, thereby increasing his sex drive. ... Read More »

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