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F.A.Q. About Penis Extenders


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Vimax Extender Review – Does This Penis Extender Actually Work?


The Vimax Extender is one of the top penis enhancement devices available in the market, second only to SizeGenetics. Remember, the penis enhancement market is flooded with cheap products and most don’t work, thereby giving the industry a bad name. The top 3 extenders are SizeGenetics, ProExtender and Vimax in that order. With that behind us, let’s get on with our Vimax Extender review. Like the other top extenders, Vimax stands out because it is developed by an experienced urologist (Dr Mario Dumitrascu). The product is tested in certified labs, and is known to successfully increase the penis size and erection stamina. It is recommended by many doctors in the treatment of ED and small penis size, and also used in orthopedic and plastic surgeries. Pictures How Does Vimax Extender Work The extender works on the principle of traction, which is the same technique used in some orthopedic treatments. The device has to be strapped on to the penis and the appropriate pressure, which the user can comfortably take, has to be set (manually adjusted). The device should be worn for 3-8 hours every day – though wearing it for 8 hours every day is not practical. Men can wear it to work so long they wear loose clothing so that nothing shows and the extender too gets it breathing space. When pressure is applied on the penis, the skin stretches and cells begin to multiply. The body starts understanding that the penis skin is growing and that the extra growth ... Read More »

Proextender Review – Pros & Cons Exposed

Proextender is regarded as one of the best penis extender devices in the market. By the way, a penis extender is a device that you must strap on to the penis, and set a pressure level that allows the device to exert reasonable pressure (one that you can comfortably take), and then leave it on as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you wear the device as per its instructions, it will help increase your penis’s width and length. The recommended hours are 3-8 hours a day, for 35-100 days depending on usage. It works on the principle of traction. By exerting a consistent force on your penis, it pulls the skin and causes its cells to duplicate. Mother Nature takes over and realizes that the body is changing because a part is growing for whatever reason and so, it provides for the new size by accommodating the new tissue. Now, the penis also contains the Corpora Cavernosa, a spongy tissue that holds the blood during an erection. This tissue too gets stretched and it becomes thicker. The new thickness too is accommodated by nature. This is how penis extender devices increase length and girth, and Proextender works on the same principle. You would have seen the principle of traction working in real life without realizing that it also can work on the penis. For example, you would have viewed National Geographic or Discovery shows that feature African tribal people with long necks, enormous lips or huge ears. This happens because ... Read More »

SizeGenetics Review – A Scam Or Real Deal?


SizeGenetics is a penis extender that has been invented by a medical professional, Dr Siana. Dr Siana, a MD from the School of Medicine, University of Copenhagen (1983 batch), worked extensively on male sexual surgery and derived adequate experience before inventing SizeGenetics. Amy product devised by a surgeon is bound to work, and that is why SizeGenetics is doing so well in the market. This unbiased SizeGenetics review will answer how the product works, its pros and cons, and more. Pictures How Does SizeGenetics work? A penis extender is just like a strength trainer for the penis. You lift weights and perform isometrics to bulk up your muscles, and SizeGenetics does the same for your penis. But there’s a science behind penis enlargement. You would have seen NatGeo programs that show African village folk with elongated necks and drooping ears. Well, this happens because these village folk wear rings around their necks and huge earrings on their ears. These devices stretch the skin and over a period of time, the body accepts the elongated skin as a part of its own, and adjusts to the new size. SizeGenetics works in the same way. You have to strap it on to your penis and then set the pressure that you can comfortably bear. The device will keep applying pressure on a consistent basis and after a few days, your penis skin will stretch. The body will understand that there are some changes happening and will automatically provide for all the stretching and pulling ... Read More »

Male Patches F.A.Q


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Top 3 Male Enhancement Patches


There are 100s of male enhancement patches available in the market. The bad news is that most don’t work and the good news is that three of the patches do work, and work very well. This feature will help you understand the top products and the reasons why they are so famous. Review Factors We laid down the following factors that each patch had to pass with flying colors: Based on these factors, we have shortlisted the following three patches: Conclusion In our opinion there are 3 top penis pills in the market – Proenhance, Vimax and Maxiderm. Nothing else comes close. Maxiderm has been discontinued and therefore we are left with just two. Choose between any of them and we assure you that you will be happy with the results, which you will see in 3-6 weeks. In any case, if you are unhappy, you can always invoke the no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. It’s time to put on a patch and rock your sexual life. Read More »

Vimax Patch Review – Does Vimax Patch Max Your Sexual Life?

the vimax patch

Vimax Patch is considered as the best penis enhancement patch in the market. The main reason behind this claims is that the company employs doctors and medical researchers to keep working on its formula and discover potent blends and herbal mixes. The company’s manufacturing facility is FDA (Federal Drug Administration)-approved and all Vimax products are manufactured in a safe environment. The other big plus is that the ingredients are delivered directly to the bloodstream by the Vimax patch, which makes for better absorption than a pill. But the question is that despite all these advantages, is the patch successful in enhancing penis size and sexual pleasure. Let’s find out in my Vimax patch review. The Ingredients Vimax patch contains very potent ingredients. Here is a list: The right mix of these ingredients make the Vimax patch a great supplement. Advantages of Vimax Patch Disadvantages Well, if you want to ensure that your sexual performance continues to improve, you have to keep using the patch. This is no big deal though. Secondly, the penis size increases after 5 weeks of regular use. After 10 weeks of regular use, you will likely be considered as king of the sexual jungle. Also, note that your new and improved penis size will be visible only in erect mode. Summing Up I am in week # 8 of regular use. Yes, my penis’s stamina has increased, and yes, I can see an enhanced penis every time I look in the mirror (just before an encounter). I ... Read More »

Proenhance Review – Pros And Cons Exposed

ProEnhance Patch

Proenhance is a penis enhancement patch and it ranks right at the top, leaving other patches way behind. One of the biggest advantages of patches is that they deliver the ingredients more effectively than a pill. Patches are applied on the skin, and as you know, our skin is a thin layer that covers up our insides. Without skin, we would look like zombies right out of a cult horror movie. To cut a long story short, when ingredients are applied on the skin, they are directly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. When you take a pill, it must first be digested before the ingredients get into the blood stream. It is possible that some ingredients may not be fully absorbed or digested, and consequently, a pill can lose its potency. Proenhance is a patch and therefore it promises superior delivery. But does it work? Let’s find out in this Proenhance review. A Few Photos.. How Do Penis Patches Work? The success of any penis enhancement product is dependent on the following factors: The manufacturing facility must be top notch. It must conform to cGMP standards and employ skilled professionals who monitor the production at every step. The product must be tested in a certified laboratory. It must be tested on different representative samples and it must prove itself successfully in labs before it is sold in the market. The ingredients must be high-quality and most of them must be used by regular pharmaceutical companies in the treatment of impotency. ... Read More »

How Do Male Enhancement Patches Work?

male patch

Patch technology is here to stay. Many medical researchers opine that patches deliver medicines directly into the blood stream and that is why they are better than conventional pills, which have to be digested before their ingredients are released into the blood. About Enhancement Patches And Their Method Of Delivery Like all patches, male enhancement patches too work in the same way. Enhancement patches contain the same ingredients that are contained in size increase pills — the only difference is that you have to take a pill with water and wait for them to be digested, while a patch delivers the ingredients directly into the bloodstream. Our skin is very thin and porous and any ingredient delivered directly from the skin quickly and efficiently makes its way into the bloodstream. Now you know how enhancement patches deliver ingredients to your body. It’s time to understand how the ingredients result in enhancement of sexual performance and penis size How Enhancement Patches Work Such patches contain ingredients such as: And more. The primary ingredients in the pills, after being released in the blood stream, act as vasodilators – i.e., they dilate the blood vessels. When blood vessels are dilated, the blood supply to the organs increases. The penis too receives an extra flow of blood and just in case you did not know, this extra flow of blood leads to stronger erections. Also, when the penis receives extra blood, its tissues get stretched and its size increases over a time because Mother Nature ... Read More »

How Do Penis Extenders Work?


A penis extender is a device that you have to strap on to your flaccid penis. You should wear it for 3-8 hours daily and regularly (every day until you clock 1,000 hours). The device stretches the penis and thereby increases its length and girth. The extender is considered by the medical community as one of the best non-surgical methods of enhancing penis size. Here is some more information on the device: How Do Penis Extenders Work As mentioned above, the penis extender has to be strapped on your flaccid penis for 3-8 hours every day. You can expect to see results so long you aim for 1,000 hours within 6 months. Once you strap on the device, you must adjust it so that it applies pressure on your penis. Note that you should set the pressure level to one that you can comfortably take. You can wear it to office so long you wear loose clothing. What happens is this – the extender applies a consistent pressure on your penis thereby stretching the issue. When the tissue gets stretched, the body realizes that something in it is changing, and therefore it must adapt to the new changes. Over time, the stretched tissue becomes a part of the body. This is the factor that leads to penis size increase. You would have seen this phenomenon on several programs on National Geographic. The channel has proved that when tight rings are worn by African tribal women over their necks, the neck ... Read More »

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