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FAQ About Male Enhancement Exercises


What Are The Best Male Penis Enhancement Exercises That Have Produced Results? There are three – Jelqing, Kegels and Manual Stretches. These are common and regarded as the most effective exercises. See this post for more details how to perform such exercises. Are These Exercises Safe? Yes, these are safe as houses, but come with two riders: However, if you follow the instructions, there should be nothing to worry about. Finally, you must assess your own limits. If your body is asking you to stop, you should – otherwise the exercises can go on as usual. Are Exercises Enough To Enhance Penis Size? Well, combining exercises with male enhancement pills or patches is the better option. Do Penis Enlargement Exercises Work? They do work for folks who follow instructions and do not overtrain. These exercises require dedication and must be performed regularly. Every enhancement exercise CD comes equipped with detailed instructions, which must be followed. How Soon Will I Get Results? That depends on a case to case basis. Many folks experience penis enlargement within 1-2 months (of dedicated and disciplined exercise). People who do not follow instructions or do not train regularly (until the size increase) may not see results. Does The Bigger Penis Stay Or Does It Go Back To Its Old Size? It stays big thanks to Mother Nature. Here’s why: Exercises stretch the penis. When the penis gets stretched, its tissue sends out signals to the body that it needs more space. Nature obliges by allowing ... Read More »

How Do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?


The Internet is full of information that extols the virtues of penis enlargement exercises. Most blogs and review sites scream out loud that these exercises actually increase penis length and girth leading on to higher confidence levels and pleasurable and satisfying sexual encounters. But is this information true? Do these enhancement exercises actually work? Let’s find out. The Top Penis Exercises There are three main penis exercises that are recommended by healthcare professionals. These are: Please check this article for more details how to perform exercises listed above : “Top 3 Male Enhancement Exercises That You Should Do“ How Do Penis Exercises Work? Jelqing and Manual Stretches work by applying pressure on the penis and stretching its skin. Over a period of time, the penis tissue, blood vessels and the pores gets stretched. More blood rushes into the penis area and the body realizes that the penis tissue has gotten stretched and is in need of help. The body responds by fixing the stretched tissue without altering its new, increased size. You would have seen this phenomenon in National Geographic – of course, that channel will not air programs about penis stretching but it does air programs on how African tribal women wear tight rings around their neck which elongates their necks if the rings are worn over a period of time. The same principle works for the penis enlargement exercises. Kegels strengthen the bladder and develop the muscles below the bladder area. This leads to a firm lower abdominal ... Read More »

Top 3 Male Enhancement Exercises That You Should Do


Male enhancement exercises enhance penis length and girth and strengthen the sexual system. There are many penis workouts out there, but not all of them work. Based on intensive research and customer feedback, we have discovered that three exercises – Jelqing, Kegels and Manual Stretches – that are successful in enhancing penis size and sexual performance. Factors Used To Review Exercises The benchmarks used to review various exercises were: Based on these factors, we recommend the following exercises: Jelqing Jelqing is also referred to as milking. It helps release more blood to the penis by applying consistent pressure on the penis. When the penis receives an extra flow of blood it leads to harder erections that last for a long time. When consistent pressure is applied on the penis, its tissue expands and over time the stretched issue is accommodated by the body. Don’t worry about the stretched tissue – it gets repaired within 24 hours. Anyway, this process leads to a longer and thicker penis. So, Jelqing works in two ways – enhancing sexual stamina and penis size. Here’s how a basic Jelqing is performed: Before starting the exercise you must apply a warm wrap on your penis to relax the tissues and nerves. Now get an erection by whatever means. Remember to hold on to the erection while you are Jelqing because if you let go of it midway, then the pressure applied will vary and you may end up with an uneven penis shape. Shape your hand ... Read More »

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