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Male Patches F.A.Q


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Top 3 Male Enhancement Patches


There are 100s of male enhancement patches available in the market. The bad news is that most don’t work and the good news is that three of the patches do work, and work very well. This feature will help you understand the top products and the reasons why they are so famous. Review Factors We laid down the following factors that each patch had to pass with flying colors: Based on these factors, we have shortlisted the following three patches: Conclusion In our opinion there are 3 top penis pills in the market – Proenhance, Vimax and Maxiderm. Nothing else comes close. Maxiderm has been discontinued and therefore we are left with just two. Choose between any of them and we assure you that you will be happy with the results, which you will see in 3-6 weeks. In any case, if you are unhappy, you can always invoke the no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. It’s time to put on a patch and rock your sexual life. Read More »

Vimax Patch Review – Does Vimax Patch Max Your Sexual Life?

the vimax patch

Vimax Patch is considered as the best penis enhancement patch in the market. The main reason behind this claims is that the company employs doctors and medical researchers to keep working on its formula and discover potent blends and herbal mixes. The company’s manufacturing facility is FDA (Federal Drug Administration)-approved and all Vimax products are manufactured in a safe environment. The other big plus is that the ingredients are delivered directly to the bloodstream by the Vimax patch, which makes for better absorption than a pill. But the question is that despite all these advantages, is the patch successful in enhancing penis size and sexual pleasure. Let’s find out in my Vimax patch review. The Ingredients Vimax patch contains very potent ingredients. Here is a list: The right mix of these ingredients make the Vimax patch a great supplement. Advantages of Vimax Patch Disadvantages Well, if you want to ensure that your sexual performance continues to improve, you have to keep using the patch. This is no big deal though. Secondly, the penis size increases after 5 weeks of regular use. After 10 weeks of regular use, you will likely be considered as king of the sexual jungle. Also, note that your new and improved penis size will be visible only in erect mode. Summing Up I am in week # 8 of regular use. Yes, my penis’s stamina has increased, and yes, I can see an enhanced penis every time I look in the mirror (just before an encounter). I ... Read More »

Proenhance Review – Pros And Cons Exposed

ProEnhance Patch

Proenhance is a penis enhancement patch and it ranks right at the top, leaving other patches way behind. One of the biggest advantages of patches is that they deliver the ingredients more effectively than a pill. Patches are applied on the skin, and as you know, our skin is a thin layer that covers up our insides. Without skin, we would look like zombies right out of a cult horror movie. To cut a long story short, when ingredients are applied on the skin, they are directly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. When you take a pill, it must first be digested before the ingredients get into the blood stream. It is possible that some ingredients may not be fully absorbed or digested, and consequently, a pill can lose its potency. Proenhance is a patch and therefore it promises superior delivery. But does it work? Let’s find out in this Proenhance review. A Few Photos.. How Do Penis Patches Work? The success of any penis enhancement product is dependent on the following factors: The manufacturing facility must be top notch. It must conform to cGMP standards and employ skilled professionals who monitor the production at every step. The product must be tested in a certified laboratory. It must be tested on different representative samples and it must prove itself successfully in labs before it is sold in the market. The ingredients must be high-quality and most of them must be used by regular pharmaceutical companies in the treatment of impotency. ... Read More »

How Do Male Enhancement Patches Work?

male patch

Patch technology is here to stay. Many medical researchers opine that patches deliver medicines directly into the blood stream and that is why they are better than conventional pills, which have to be digested before their ingredients are released into the blood. About Enhancement Patches And Their Method Of Delivery Like all patches, male enhancement patches too work in the same way. Enhancement patches contain the same ingredients that are contained in size increase pills — the only difference is that you have to take a pill with water and wait for them to be digested, while a patch delivers the ingredients directly into the bloodstream. Our skin is very thin and porous and any ingredient delivered directly from the skin quickly and efficiently makes its way into the bloodstream. Now you know how enhancement patches deliver ingredients to your body. It’s time to understand how the ingredients result in enhancement of sexual performance and penis size How Enhancement Patches Work Such patches contain ingredients such as: And more. The primary ingredients in the pills, after being released in the blood stream, act as vasodilators – i.e., they dilate the blood vessels. When blood vessels are dilated, the blood supply to the organs increases. The penis too receives an extra flow of blood and just in case you did not know, this extra flow of blood leads to stronger erections. Also, when the penis receives extra blood, its tissues get stretched and its size increases over a time because Mother Nature ... Read More »

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