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Causes Of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Causes Of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by a host of factors like physical, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices. One unfortunate choice or event in life can cause this condition, which can strip away a guy’s manhood.

Here is an exhaustive list of the factors that cause ED:

Physical Causes Of ED

  1. An injury to the pelvis, penis, bladder or spinal cord can damage nerves that are involved in the erection process.
  2. Hormonal imbalance, especially that of testosterone, can make a man lose interest in sex.
  3. Erections happen because the penis receives a flow of blood. If the blood flows back quickly, the erection fades and the penis becomes flaccid again, and rather quickly too. This is called a Venous Leak, and it happens because of injury or disease.

Medical Conditions And Drugs That Can Cause ED

  1. Diabetes damages blood vessels that help men get an erection. If the disease is not controlled, it can lead to ED.
  2. Kidney diseases too can cause ED because they lead to hormonal problems and can even affect the flow of blood to the penis. Such diseases substantially lower the energy levels and make the patient lose all interest in sex. Plus, medications used to treat kidney diseases too can cause ED.
  3. Prostate enlargement (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) is part of the aging process, and it can cause ED. Even BPH medications can cause it.
  4. Nervous system disorders can lead to ED. The penis is controlled by the Central Nervous System, and therefore it is natural that any medical condition that impacts the nervous system, will impact penis performance too. Examples of these conditions are: Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, and a few others.
  5. Prostate cancer treatments can cause permanent erectile dysfunction.
  6. Heart diseases typically clock blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow to the organs. A lesser flow of blood to the penis can cause ED. People with high blood pressure and high cholesterol must therefore be careful.
  7. Surgeries performed in areas that are close to the penis (example: bladder, prostate) can damage nerves and blood vessels and cause erectile dysfunction. The damage caused by surgery can be permanent too. In any case there are treatments that can fix ED caused by surgery.
  8. Prescription Drugs – there are more than 200 prescription drugs out there that can cause the condition. You must check any drug’s side-effects with your doctor and ask for alternatives if you find that you cannot handle the side-effects.

Lifestyle And ED

  1. Regular smoking hardens the arteries and hardened arteries in turn reduce the blood flow. The penis too gets a reduced supply of blood, and that can lead to ED. Many scientific studies have proved that quitting smoking, along with other lifestyle changes, can eliminate ED.
  2. Obesity or being overweight also can cause ED. Being overweight increases the chance of cardiovascular disease, which leads to ED.
  3. An inactive and uninteresting lifestyle can enhance the risk of ED. Regular exercise and positive thinking can reduce it. All men are therefore urged to exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle.
  4. Excessive intake of alcohol also causes erectile dysfunction. Doctors recommend that men (and women) should not consume more than two drinks a day. Alcohol contains as many calories as pure fat and regular consumption of alcohol clogs the arteries, and that lowers the flow of blood to all the organs, including the penis. Alcohol also impacts testosterone production and lowers sex drive.
  5. Stress, anxiety and depression – all brought about by our lifestyle or by medical conditions, can also cause temporary ED.
  6. Drug (Marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy, etc.) abuse can also cause impotence.

To Sum Up

Men should exercise regularly and lead a healthy, uncomplicated lifestyle if they want to steer clear of ED. If they do their best, and yet are impacted by ED, then the only option is to see a doctor and take appropriate medication.


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