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Does Penis Size Matter?

Does Penis Size Matter?

Every man competes with another. He thinks that he is better than anyone else and that is man’s basic psychology. Naturally, this psychology also comes into play when it comes to penis size. Locker rooms, steam baths, and other such zones become virtual war zones when snide comparisons are made and jokes are cracked.

The big question is whether penis size really matters. And, the answer cannot come from men. Women are the best judges here.

So, let’s focus on how penis size matters to women.

A Scientific Treatise On How Women View Penis Size

An authoritative paper, Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienceconcludes that women find a bigger penis size irresistibly attractive in men who:

  • (a) Are tall. That is not to say that women find short men with big penises unattractive. It’s just that they find a bigger penis more attractive in tall men.
  • (b) Are masculine-shaped. That is, men who possess a greater shoulder to hip ratio.

Women would be more willing to mate with such men than others. However, this paper does not state that women find a bigger penis unattractive in other types of men. So, it can be safely concluded that women love a bigger penis, but find it more attractive in tall men and in men with a greater shoulder-to-hip ratio.

You can read this paper here

Something For Men Who Are Paranoid About Their Penis Size

The penis size is God given, just like the size of women’s breasts. According to medical researchers, an abnormally small penis is one that is less than 3 inches when it is in erect mode.

That said, no man is satisfied with his penis size and wants more width and length.

There are two ways of enhancing penis size:

  • (a) Using penis enhancement pills/patches, which contain natural and powerful vasodilators, semen producers and libido-enhancers, and
  • (b) Using penis enlargement exercises. You can read more about such exercises here.

So, if you are unhappy about your penis size, you know what to do now.

The Penis Size And The Vagina

A vagina is flexible – and this is a scientific fact. It is comfortable in handling small or large penises. So, in that sense, there’s no physiological reason for the penis to be gigantic. A small penis can work as well.


Men must know that only the first one-third of the vagina (the area closest to its opening) contains nerve endings that record the pleasurable sensations. Going beyond the first one-third does not register anything and in that sense, a longer penis is a waste.

However, women love a thick penis because they know that it’s going to deliver the goods.

Remember, women do not consider just physiological reasons while evaluating their man’s prowess – psychology too plays a role. And that is why scientific studies have concluded that women prefer bigger and thicker penises.

Penis Psychology

Men must not keep cribbing about penis size because such negative thinking can ruin their psychology and wreck their confidence, sexual potential and performance. In fact, obsessing about penis size can turn men into lousy lovers.

Yes, it is true that women prefer thicker and longer penises, but if you don’t have one, you should stop complaining and do something about it. As stated above, penis enhancement pills or patches along with penis enlargement exercises should help you increase your penis’s size to the satisfaction of all concerned parties.

Penis enhancement products come with robust money-back guarantees and therefore you have nothing to lose in trying these out.

To Sum Up

The world is going nano but that does not hold true for penis size, man’s most important gadget. Plus, men are getting more competitive by the day.

Yeah, we can safely say that when it comes to penis size, it’s back to the survival of the fittest, longest and thickest.


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