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FAQ About Male Enhancement Exercises

FAQ About Male Enhancement Exercises

What Are The Best Male Penis Enhancement Exercises That Have Produced Results?

There are three – Jelqing, Kegels and Manual Stretches. These are common and regarded as the most effective exercises. See this post for more details how to perform such exercises.

Are These Exercises Safe?

Yes, these are safe as houses, but come with two riders:

  • (a) You must do them right. Using the wrong technique can end up damaging your organ.
  • (b) You must not overdo the exercises. If you overdo these, it can cause pain and inflammation. In some rare cases, overtraining can even cause temporary erectile dysfunction.

However, if you follow the instructions, there should be nothing to worry about. Finally, you must assess your own limits. If your body is asking you to stop, you should – otherwise the exercises can go on as usual.

Are Exercises Enough To Enhance Penis Size?

Well, combining exercises with male enhancement pills or patches is the better option.

Do Penis Enlargement Exercises Work?

They do work for folks who follow instructions and do not overtrain. These exercises require dedication and must be performed regularly. Every enhancement exercise CD comes equipped with detailed instructions, which must be followed.

How Soon Will I Get Results?

That depends on a case to case basis. Many folks experience penis enlargement within 1-2 months (of dedicated and disciplined exercise). People who do not follow instructions or do not train regularly (until the size increase) may not see results.

Does The Bigger Penis Stay Or Does It Go Back To Its Old Size?

It stays big thanks to Mother Nature. Here’s why: Exercises stretch the penis. When the penis gets stretched, its tissue sends out signals to the body that it needs more space. Nature obliges by allowing tissue growth.

You may have seen this phenomenon in National Geographic programs that show African tribal women with elongated necks. The neck gets elongated because the tribal women wear many rings around the neck, which stretch the neck. The penis enlargement process works on the same principal.

Even the flaccid penis size grows bigger, thereby earning you locker room bragging rights.

How Much Size Increase Can I Expect?

Between 1 and 2 inches. Like we said earlier, for best results combine the exercises with pills or patches.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Oh, absolutely.

According to a study conducted by medical researchers and published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencewomen find a bigger penis size very attractive in tall men and in men with a great shoulder:hip ratio.

The paper is entitled. Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness.

What is important to note is that paper does conclude that all women find a bigger penis attractive, but they find it more attractive in the male types described above.

Size also matters to men. A bigger penis builds their ego and automatically increases their sexual confidence leading to pleasurable sexual encounters.

How Can I Get Started On These Exercises?

Don’t get started by surfing the Internet for information. Amateurs have uploaded many videos and some blogs contain descriptions of such exercises. However it is not wise to follow amateur advice and it is recommended you invest in a CD created by pros or buy a year’s supply of penis enlargement pills, which bundles the CD as a bonus.

How Do These Exercises Compare To Other Enlargement Techniques Such As Pills/Patches?

As mentioned earlier, you should exercise your penis and take enlargement pills/patches for best results. Pills contain natural vasodilators that increase the flow of blood to the penis and your penis exercises will help you increase penis size.

The result is that the penis will be able to hold more blood leading to long-lasting and rock solid erections, and of course, an increase in penis size.

Isn’t Surgery Better Than Penis Exercises?

No. Surgery is risky. It can damage the penis and there is a chance that the surgery may not succeed. It is also a prohibitively expensive process. It is best to stick to natural ways of penis enlargement rather than risk a surgery.


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