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How Do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?

How Do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?

The Internet is full of information that extols the virtues of penis enlargement exercises. Most blogs and review sites scream out loud that these exercises actually increase penis length and girth leading on to higher confidence levels and pleasurable and satisfying sexual encounters.

But is this information true? Do these enhancement exercises actually work?

Let’s find out.

The Top Penis Exercises

There are three main penis exercises that are recommended by healthcare professionals. These are:

  • (a) Jelqing: This is an ancient technique that involves stroking and squeezing the penis in an attempt to send more blood to its tip.
  • (b) Kegels: Kegels involve strengthening of the muscles located below the bladder area. Kegels involve slowing down or stopping the flow of urine during midway without tensing the muscles or holding the breath.
  • (c) Manual Stretches: These exercises involve holding and stretching/pulling the penis. Some variations require the user to perform kegels white stretching the penis upward.

Please check this article for more details how to perform exercises listed above : “Top 3 Male Enhancement Exercises That You Should Do

How Do Penis Exercises Work?

Jelqing and Manual Stretches work by applying pressure on the penis and stretching its skin. Over a period of time, the penis tissue, blood vessels and the pores gets stretched. More blood rushes into the penis area and the body realizes that the penis tissue has gotten stretched and is in need of help.

The body responds by fixing the stretched tissue without altering its new, increased size. You would have seen this phenomenon in National Geographic – of course, that channel will not air programs about penis stretching but it does air programs on how African tribal women wear tight rings around their neck which elongates their necks if the rings are worn over a period of time. The same principle works for the penis enlargement exercises.

Kegels strengthen the bladder and develop the muscles below the bladder area. This leads to a firm lower abdominal area (internal), which is essential for a robust sexual encounter. Also, kegels help enhance the flow of blood to the penis. When the penis receives an increased flow of blood, it leads to stronger erections.

All the penis enlargement exercises listed above also increase the penis’s stamina to retain blood for a longer period of time by strengthening the penis’s chambers that hold the blood, and this means long-lasting and satisfying sexual encounters.

What’s The Catch?

There’s really no catch involved here. If you stay dedicated and perform these exercises regularly and as per instructions, you will notice a change in the penis size and an improvement in sexual performance over a period of time. Many folks have seen results within 1-2 months and there’s no reason why you too will not experience success. However, and we say this again, you must perform these exercises consistently and follow the given instructions.

What About The Risks?

You can end up damaging your penis or even causing temporary erectile dysfunction if you overdo the exercises or if you do not follow instructions. Therefore, it’s best to buy a DIY CD developed by a professional instead of reading blogs and viewing videos on YouTube.

If you want the best results, you must exercise and take enhancement pills such as VigRX Plus pills , Prosolution Pills Or Vimax pills which contain natural vasodilators and testosterone producers.

This is how penis enlargement exercises work.


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