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How Do Penis Enhancement Pills Work

How Do Penis Enhancement Pills Work

There are many different male enhancement pills out there on the shelves and most folks view these products with suspicion and skepticism. These pills promise to enhance penis width and girth and while it is true that many enhancement pills don’t work, there are a few brands out there that do.

And, that is why these pills have found takers for many decades now.

So, why do some male enhancement pills work and many don’t? Well, before we get to that let’s talk a bit about the penis size.

What Is The Regular Penis Size?

A flaccid penis measures anywhere between 3 and 4 in. During an erection, the size increases to between 5-7 in. These are the regular sizes.

Now, what is considered as an abnormally-small-sized penis? Well, if a penis measures less than 3 inches when it is erect, then it is an abnormally small penis.

With that said, all men with a normal-sized penis want to enhance its size and thickness because the penis represents manhood and ego. A bigger and thicker penis bestows its owner with more emotional power and raw energy.

This is why penis enhancement pills have become such a craze. Now, let’s understand how they work.

How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

High quality enhancement pills contain natural ingredients that work like vasodilators, testosterone-enhancers and libido-enhancers. Most of these herbs (examples: ginseng, gingko, zinc, etc.) are also used by the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of products that combat erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Herbs like Ginseng and Gingko act like vasodilators. These herbs dilate the blood vessels and send in a rush of blood to the organs, including the penis. Now, men get an erection when they get a rush of blood to their penis. Naturally, when the penis receives more blood, it leads to stronger erections.

Enhancement pills also work by enhancing the penis’s capability to hold the blood for a longer time and this leads to long-lasting and satisfying erections and orgasms.

Other ingredients like:

Work by triggering testosterone production. When testosterone levels increase, the libido gets boosted and that leads to greater sexual desire.

Apart from these primary ingredients, enhancement pills also contain many other ingredients like Indian gooseberry (amla) extract, apigenin, and many other herbal extracts that strengthen the central nervous system, thereby enhancing sexual performance.

Some herbs also manipulate the brain into producing extra dopamine, a monoamine neurotransmitter, which leads to extra pleasurable sexual encounters.

The rest of the ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, which work by boosting energy and promoting good health. As you know, energy and good health are required for great sexual encounters.

This is basically how male enhancement pills work.


The best enhancement pills work by enhancing sexual performance and penis size. Note that you will be able to see penis size enhancement only when your penis is erect.

Every male enhancement pill does not work but that does not mean that all pills do not work. Many manufacturers have put out low quality products in the market and that has given the industry a bad name, which is why you see so many negative reviews all over the place.

However, there are a very few enhancement products that do work. These products have proved their worth in clinical trials but are not getting their due recognition because other products from unscrupulous manufacturers have somewhat muddied the waters.

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