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How Do Penis Extenders Work?

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

A penis extender is a device that you have to strap on to your flaccid penis. You should wear it for 3-8 hours daily and regularly (every day until you clock 1,000 hours). The device stretches the penis and thereby increases its length and girth.

The extender is considered by the medical community as one of the best non-surgical methods of enhancing penis size.

Here is some more information on the device:

How Do Penis Extenders Work

As mentioned above, the penis extender has to be strapped on your flaccid penis for 3-8 hours every day. You can expect to see results so long you aim for 1,000 hours within 6 months.

Once you strap on the device, you must adjust it so that it applies pressure on your penis. Note that you should set the pressure level to one that you can comfortably take. You can wear it to office so long you wear loose clothing.

What happens is this – the extender applies a consistent pressure on your penis thereby stretching the issue. When the tissue gets stretched, the body realizes that something in it is changing, and therefore it must adapt to the new changes.

Over time, the stretched tissue becomes a part of the body. This is the factor that leads to penis size increase.

You would have seen this phenomenon on several programs on National Geographic. The channel has proved that when tight rings are worn by African tribal women over their necks, the neck gets stretched and elongated. Over time, the elongated neck becomes a regular part of the body.

The penis extender works on the same principle.

How To Wear A Penis Extender

Ideally, you should consult the instruction material. Anyway, here’s a rough guide:

  • Place your penis inside the extender’s base ring. The device has two rings: a base ring that is made of plastic; and a flexible silicone ring, located at the top of the device.
  • Now, pass your penis through both the rings and suitably adjust the comfort pad.
  • Ensure the device is secure by pulling the loop down.
  • Now adjust the two bars (which are controlled by knobs) on the device to set the tension level. Don’t take extra stress – be comfortable.
  • Adjust the brace to stretch out your penis.

how to wear an extender

You’re done. Wear it to office or to a mall or wherever – just wear loose clothing.

Precautions To Take Before Strapping On An Extender

  • Consult your doctor if you are impacted by medical conditions, especially if you are impacted by urological problems.
  • Do not wear it if your work requires physical activity.
  • Do not apply extra pressure because that can injure the penis. Take as much pressure as you can comfortably bear.
  • Do not worry if you get an erection because the penis extender will either come off or adjust to the new angle.
  • Do not buy any brand – work with the best brands. Remember, you are toying around with your manhood so you better do it with the best product. The three best extenders in the market are: ProExtender, Sizegenetics and Vimax Extender, in that order.
  • No matter what you read online, always remember to follow instructions given along with the product.

To Sum Up

A penis extender is regarded as the best nonsurgical method of enhancing penis size. However, for best results you should supplement it with penis pills or patches. Good luck.


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