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How Low Testosterone Can Affect Your Sex Drive

How Low Testosterone Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Testosterone remains one of the most important hormones the male body produces. There are quite a number of metabolic factors that derive from testosterone. Lean muscle mass development and fat burning would be the two most common traits associated with proper levels of testosterone production.

There are, however, many other benefits that can be gained from proper levels of testosterone. Among those benefits would be an enhanced sex drive. Unfortunately, as a man ages, testosterone levels will lower. As a result, so will sex drive.

Testosterone: What It Is And How It Affects Sex Drive

Testosterone, once again, is a hormone produced by the male body. This is an androgen based hormone and it secrets from the testicles. Various bodily functions are gained from proper levels of testosterone.


There are many sexual functions that are tied to the production of testosterone. Sexual performance and enjoyment are tied to hormone levels. The libido (sex drive) is very reliant on testosterone levels. For years, scientists and therapists looked for many solutions for a low level of sex drive.

Through years of research, it has been noted that a lower level of testosterone would be the primary culprit. While age does play a large role in the reduction of testosterone levels, it is not the only reason. Other mitigating factors can contribute to lowering testosterone.

Other Factors That Can Tie Into Lower Testosterone Without Sex Drive

There are quite a number of other reasons why testosterone levels could end up decreasing. Poor nutrition would be one of the most overlooked reason. Your body can only function effectively if it maintains a proper diet of nutritional food selections.

A poor diet will have many negative effects and one of them could be a lowering of testosterone levels. Hence, if you seriously are concerned about a seemingly lowered sex drive, it would be best to clean up your diet and eat more nutritious, healthy foods. While not the perfect solution, taking such steps can contribute to an improved libido.

The other external factors that can contribute to the low testosterone could include stress/anxiety, illnesses, and medications. In life, trying to avoid stress can be extremely difficult. There will always be some level of stress a person has to deal with.

However, when stress becomes so significant it is affecting other areas of your life, taking steps to reduce the amount of stress might be prudent. Surprisingly, as you cut down on the amount of stress you suffer, you may amazingly see your levels of testosterone increase. As a result, your sex drive might very well increase.

In regards to issues related to illnesses and medications, there may be very little you can do. Obviously, if the illness improves and you can discontinue any medications you are taking, you will then not have to worry as much about your testosterone levels. They will likely return to normal.

If sex drive and testosterone related concerns arise in the face of an illness or due to taking a particular medication, it would be wise to take such matters up with your doctor. The doctor may be able to help provide a solution to these woes.

Ways Of Boosting Testosterone Levels

There are means in which testosterone levels can be increased. The most well known method would be through the use of testosterone injections. These injections are only available via a doctor’s prescription.

In addition to prescribing the testosterone, the doctor may also be able to administer the injection. Those wishing to learn more about this approach to boosting testosterone levels should direct all queries to their physician.

There are also products on the market than claim the ability to increase testosterone levels natural. Capsules, liquids, and sprays are available through numerous sellers. Whether or not they are capable of delivering on the promised results will depend on the quality of the ingredients.

Reading reviews on the various products would help deliver insight into the actual quality of the natural testosterone booster in question.

Any Treatment For Low Sex Drive May Take Time To Yield Results

No matter what treatment is suggested to deal with testosterone related low sex drive issues, improvements in libido may take time. As such, any person hoping to see improvements in sex drive will likely have to be very patient. In time, positive results may eventually be realized.


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