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The Extenze Review: Does Extenze Suck?


Extenze is yet another top male enhancement pill. Well, at least that’s the perception held by most folks. I don’t know what to say here. For me, the ingredients are the key to judging an enhancement product and Extenze contains Yohimbe, which I detest. Therefore, you will find my Extenze review biased. Yohimbine is an alkaloid with impotence-bashing effects that is extracted from the Yohimbine back. There’s a problem with Yohombine – its potency varies depends on its cultivation and on the part of tree it comes from and therefore no one can control its dosage. Sometimes a small amount of extract will have thrice the potency than that of a larger volume of extract. This is why the FDA has cracked down on Yohimbine and today, the prescription form of Yohimbine is regulated by the agency. The FDA has approved Yohimbine only for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction. On one hand, a high dose of Yohimbine brings down the blood pressure and that can cause dizziness and nausea; On the other hand, it can increase blood pressure and heart rate. So, Yohimbine is one unpredictable ingredient that can be dangerous. If you ask me, there is no way of knowing how Extenze works because the amount of ingredients contained in the pill have not been specified. So, based on guesstimates, Extenze works by dilating the blood vessels, enhancing the libido, fighting impotence, and promoting general health. Ingredients Extenze contains the following powerful ingredients: There are other helpful ingredients inside ... Read More »

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