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Top 3 Male Enhancement Exercises That You Should Do

Top 3 Male Enhancement Exercises That You Should Do

Male enhancement exercises enhance penis length and girth and strengthen the sexual system. There are many penis workouts out there, but not all of them work.

Based on intensive research and customer feedback, we have discovered that three exercises – Jelqing, Kegels and Manual Stretches – that are successful in enhancing penis size and sexual performance.

Factors Used To Review Exercises

The benchmarks used to review various exercises were:

  1. Effectiveness in increasing penis length and girth
  2. Speed of results
  3. How safe are the exercises
  4. Does the company selling the exercise CD provide adequate customer support?

Based on these factors, we recommend the following exercises:


Jelqing is also referred to as milking. It helps release more blood to the penis by applying consistent pressure on the penis.

When the penis receives an extra flow of blood it leads to harder erections that last for a long time.

When consistent pressure is applied on the penis, its tissue expands and over time the stretched issue is accommodated by the body. Don’t worry about the stretched tissue – it gets repaired within 24 hours. Anyway, this process leads to a longer and thicker penis.

So, Jelqing works in two ways – enhancing sexual stamina and penis size.

Here’s how a basic Jelqing is performed:

  1. Before starting the exercise you must apply a warm wrap on your penis to relax the tissues and nerves.
  2. Now get an erection by whatever means. Remember to hold on to the erection while you are Jelqing because if you let go of it midway, then the pressure applied will vary and you may end up with an uneven penis shape.
  3. Shape your hand into an OK sign and apply the grip at the base of your penis. The grip must be strong yet comfortable, and you must apply it consistently as you go through the rest of the steps.
  4. Move your hand upwards towards the tip of your penis using the same grip. Don’t hurry through this. Take your time – spread the process over 10-20 seconds but do not finish it off in a hurry.
  5. Now shape your other hand into a similar OK sign and let go of the first hand after it reaches the tip.
  6. Do the same thing mentioned in #3 above. Interchange hands and repeat 10 times.
  7. After you’re done, apply a warm wrap on the penis. The warm wrap soothes the stretched nerves and tissues.

The motion must feel like you are milking.


Kegels will help you build up muscle below the bladder and enhance your sexual system leading to pleasurable and long-lasting sexual encounters. Kegels is an ancient technique that has been known to help. And, here’s how it is done:

  1. During urination, stop the flow. This is the first basic Kegel that involves tightening of the muscles. Note that you must not do this often because this move can actually weaken your muscle. Do this once in a while.
  2. Now, here’s how regular kegels are performed: First, get in a comfortable position either on a chair or on the floor. Ensure that your stomach and butt are relaxed.
  3. Focus on your pelvic muscles. Tighten them while continuing to breathe normally.
  4. Squeeze your pelvic muscles for 4-5 seconds and then release them. Do this for 10 times.
  5. Once you are used to the routine, you can go to the next level by tensing your glutes (butt) and pulling your legs in. Hold position for 4-5 seconds and release. Repeat 10 times.

Manual Stretches

These exercises can help you increase your penis length so long you perform them regularly and consistently.

Manual Stretches involve stretching the flaccid penis with the hand. The flaccid penis is stretched outward and when that happens, its tissues get stretched. Note that you must not get carried away when you perform Manual Stretches – if you apply extra pressure you will end up injuring your penis.

Manual Stretches work like Jelqing except for the fact that Jelqing increases both length and girth while Manual Stretches enhance just the length.

Here’s how you perform manual Stretches:


  • Grasp the penis around its head and pull it away from the pubic area.
  • Hold the stretched position for 4-5 seconds (until you feel the tissues are stretched) and then release. Repeat 10 times. You may tighten your pelvic muscles as the penis is being pulled away, but attempt this tightening step after 7-10 days of regular stretches.

To sum up

You can follow the techniques described above or you can buy a CD that contains written instructions / vides by a pro. We recommend you buy a CD or ebook.

For the best results supplement exercises with penis enhancement pills such as VigRX Plus or patches.


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