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Top 3 Male Enhancement Patches

Top 3 Male Enhancement Patches

There are 100s of male enhancement patches available in the market. The bad news is that most don’t work and the good news is that three of the patches do work, and work very well. This feature will help you understand the top products and the reasons why they are so famous.

Review Factors

We laid down the following factors that each patch had to pass with flying colors:

  • Has the patch been successful in clinical trials, in an accredited, reputed lab?
  • How fast does the patch deliver results, and more importantly, do they deliver results at all?
  • Is the product high-quality?
  • Is it safe to consume the product?
  • Are the customer support, money back guarantee and bonuses adequate?

Based on these factors, we have shortlisted the following three patches:


Proenhance Ratings
Ingredients 90/100
Size Gain 90/100
Support 95/100
Bonuses 85/100
Price 85/100
Overall 90/100
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One of the top male enhancement brands. Comes with solid money back guarantee. Approved by doctors.

Comes with good selection of bonuses such as free shipping, free box of Prosolution And Volume Pills and much more.

Proenhance, without any doubt, is the top performer. It is in a class of its own. Its powerful ingredients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and they work by enhancing sexual function and enlarging the penis. Here are the main ingredients of the patch:

  • Ginseng
    A powerful herb that is considered as an aphrodisiac. It is also used in the manufacture of anti-impotence medicine. It boosts testosterone production and thereby increases sexual desire. It also strengthens the central nervous system, which controls the penis, thereby leading to better penis function.
  • He Shou Wu
    Another potent Chinese herb that is used in the manufacture of medicine that helps arrest sexual depreciation as we age. It also improves erection quality and raises testosterone production. Other benefits of this herb include better intestinal function, boosting good cholesterol levels and improving brain function.
  • Gotu Kela
    An Indian herb used since centuries for improving erection quality and sexual stamina. The herb also stabilizes blood pressure and increases blood flow to the penis, leading to stronger and long-lasting erections.
  • Saw Palmetto
    Another potent herb that maintains prostate size. Every man’s prostate size starts increasing from the time he reaches 25 years – it’s a natural process. Now, the size increase reaches a critical level by age 50-55, when it starts deteriorating sexual function. Saw Palmetto works by bringing the prostate size back to normal.

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  • Approved By Doctors
  • No Side Effects
  • Editor’s Choice
  • 67 Days Money Back

#2Vimax Patch

Vimax Patch Ratings
Ingredients 75/100
Size Gain 80/100
Support 80/100
Bonuses 70/100
Price 75/100
Overall 70/100
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Vimax is one of the oldest and reputed brands in the market. 1,000s of loyal users apply the Vimax Patch on their body every 72 hours.

All patches work in the same way – by releasing their ingredients directly into the bloodstream – and Vimax is no exception. Here is a list of ingredients that make Vimax what it is:

  • Horny Goat weed
    A very powerful herb that enhances testosterone production and improves erectile function. It is used as one of the important ingredients in medicine used for curing erectile dysfunction.
  • Gingko Biloba
    Yet another potent herb that increases the nitric oxide levels in our body. These increased levels send a rush of blood to the penis leading to stronger and long-lasting erections.
  • Ginseng
    A blockbuster herb that enhances sexual stamina and performance by boosting energy, promoting new tissue growth and normalizing blood pressure.
  • Saw Palmetto
    The goodness of which has been described above.
  • Cayenne fruit
    Which works by improving heart function and normalizing blood pressure and thereby promoting good health.

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  • No Side Effects
  • 60 Days Money Back


Maxiderm Ratings
Ingredients 60/100
Size Gain 55/100
Support 50/100
Bonuses 70/100
Price 65/100
Overall 60/100
Best Online Price $ N/A
Well, this was one of the top enlargement patches. I say WAS because the product has been discontinued and it’s tough to find it in online stores. Maxiderm too was what it was because of its powerful ingredients and the potent mix.
  • ? Days Money Back


In our opinion there are 3 top penis pills in the market – Proenhance, Vimax and Maxiderm. Nothing else comes close. Maxiderm has been discontinued and therefore we are left with just two.

Choose between any of them and we assure you that you will be happy with the results, which you will see in 3-6 weeks. In any case, if you are unhappy, you can always invoke the no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

It’s time to put on a patch and rock your sexual life.


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